Recycling 101

As you all know and are tired of hearing, bChill moved to Hawaii. It has been a great choice for us but with it come some changes. That “need” to run out and buy every new gadget around must be curbed. The idea that just because it’s on sale you will be getting one is not always going to happen. That huge selections of items is not going to be there and recycling is not always very easy.

Having been in a major city for the last 21 years has spoiled us. Programs like this one in the Twin Cities are making it super easy to recycle everything. (Good job guys!) I do remember when I first moved to San Diego we had separate bins to put out paper, cans and bottles. This was not a big deal at all. The bins lived outside for all to use and were picked up once every 2 weeks. Done and done. As the city grew so did the demand for recycling. The city founded a new program that made it pretty simple for it’s citizens, put everything in one bin and we’ll do the rest. Awesome! These programs that make it easy are much more successful because there is little work for us to do.

So, yes, the number 1 reason to NOT recycle is space and convenience. This is something we had to figured out in our new home. I won’t kid you, it’s not real simple but these groups; and had some very helpful hints for us to start our own household program. Most centers will take all number 1 & 2 plastics, glass bottles, newspaper, cardboard and metal cans so these are the best things to adopt in your program. First, you have to get a few bins. We picked up 2 little cans for paper and cans which fit under the sink pretty well. Since we have a large closet in our main room we were able to put our trash can and a recycled box for beverage containers. Plus Ruby’s litter box hides in there really well. All to do next is to find the nearest center and makes that super easy.

If you have your game going well at home it is always the right time to add something new. The NRDC has this great list on how to step it up at home and on the road. Simple changes and adding the other 3 “R’s” can make an extraordinary difference. Reduce! Reuse! Refuse! There are many new products out there that can help reduce too. I just picked up these babies and I am powered up for up to 3 years and will have a much smaller environmental impact. (25 bucks at Costco)


There are other reasons people don’t recycle. This blog from Green Remodeling tells us that money, misinformation and confusion help some to just say NO! Knowing the pros and cons and impact could change a few minds I am sure. These articles explain what is really going on with recycling and why it is so important; Bright Hub and The Gemini Geek. And then there are always the pictures that say a thousand words. This is a very disturbing video so don’t click the link if you are faint of heart. Unfortunately some must see it to believe it. I am tired of seeing it.

Just one simple change can make a huge difference. If everyone added one item to their 4 “R’s” list our oceans, streets, ground water would be cleaner. Our wildlife would be safer and our children’s lives would be better. That really does not sound to inconvenient to me. Help your friends adopt some attitude and be part of the solution.

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