A World Of Plastic- Alternatives

Now that we have learned so much about plastic products and the risks they bring, we need to find alternatives. I know that I have stopped using many items in the kitchen and have been using others differently. I am getting used to finding solutions and have been completely eliminating one use convenience items. With change comes work. Let’s see if I can make it a bit easier for you.

We’ll start with straws because they are my biggest pet peeve right now. These single use items rack up amazing figures; ‘Americans use an estimated 500 million disposable straws every day, adding up to enough straws to fill more than 46,400 large school buses per year.’ Plus most of them are wrapped in plastic! I know it will take some time to chisel this number but Starbucks offers reusable straws as does and many other fine shops.

Another plastic item that is never going to go away is the plastic bottle. These are completely necessary in the modern world, we just have to be more careful with what we do with them. Most are recyclable and can become something really cool! (See bChill’s Facebook page for our latest posts) Some others really can be phased out like the water bottle. I love water and drink lots of it but have found a new way to include it in my day to day: Brita filter, real glass and/or a reusable bottle. There are all kinds of filters, drinking vessels and reusable bottles everywhere, these are just what I shamelessly plug. You can find any of these items at any home ware, department or even grocery store near you.

Now we must chat about school lunches, picnics and outdoor party events. One use plastic items are synonymous with out of the house eating and drinking. And can be found littering any playground, park or beach. These items, (i.e. plastic forks, spoons, bags, plates, cups) can now be found as a biodegradable or as a multi-use. Some of these products are easier than others to find but Biodegradable Store and the before mentioned seem to have quite the selection. Also Lunchskins has adorable sandwich and snack bags for everyday use. Just rethinking the use of these items can make an astounding difference in the environment and your pocket book. You pay for reusable items only once.

There are so many alternatives to these and other disposable and one use items. This ‘LifeWithoutPlastic’ website seems a little messed up but has some great ideas for changes that can be made. Toys, pet supplies, school supplies, home and body care, dining out and travel. And thankfully because of hard work done by the people at Surfrider Foundation and other impressive organizations, the one use plastic bag (and hopefully Styrofoam!) could be part of our past very soon. We can all do our part and bPartOfTheSolution! bPartOfTheFuture and save the future for our children.

(These links go to more information or stores that carry the items we are discussing)



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